Ocianna has that rare and uncanny gift of bionic vision...

Ocianna is a talented midwife for bringing that which is just beyond awareness into an embodied and conscious state of realization.  She does not limit her approach to a linear narrative but creates a multi-dimensional framework of 360 energetic support that is a dynamic "moveable feast".  When I zigged, she zagged; when I zagged, she zigged.  My own concerns and perspective were never down-played nor were her contributions ever experienced as willful or ego-driven; it was a co-creative thesis-antithesis-synthesis approach.  She custom-created a safe, sacred space that truly accommodated my current needs, representing the highest octave possible in which to view my situation.  

Ocianna listened attentively to what was BEHIND my words and was adept at recapitulating and re-framing life experiences so that I could re-view dimensions of past experiences I had not yet fully appreciated or processed.  She brings all her experience, wisdom, and energetic resonance to bear in her insights and skillful mirroring. While Ocianna listens and "hears" creatively at many levels, I personally felt most heard at the level of my evolutionary purpose and clarifying my current position so as to re-align it to the next level of consciousness.  She articulated my strengths and weaknesses in a non-threatening, accessible way.  She has that rare and uncanny gift of bionic vision, of seeing situations in their multi-dimensionality.

Ocianna helped me see that the extreme traumas I endured were not "flukes" but circuitous ways of handling powerful energies that had no "place" or "safe space" in the family/culture/situations in which I lived.  Despite pulling up deep material, I was never overwhelmed to the point of confusion or upset.  She challenged me to see my blocks and obstacles in a constructive, grounded way.  It was an amazing feat of collaborative co-journeying in terms of the level of her dedication to truth, to mutual understanding, and to my owning my life and my strengths.  It may in fact be the most I have ever felt truly "seen" by someone.  I am enormously grateful for her modeling of the possibilities of my manifesting my gifts in the world with clarity, authenticity, and leadership.  I felt safe, seen, and gifted with dispassionate insight and generously shared wisdom.  I am fortunate to have received her wise and passionate support.

Barbara H.  

Manhatten, NY

I've been feeling all the feels...

I have been feeling all the feels since our Session. I've been smoking marijuana medicinally for as long as I can remember.  I stopped smoking after the womb healing and normally when I would be upset I would just smoke so I could stay positive all the time.  I have experienced so much healing already. I cried myself to sleep for two nights ago and have been allowing all of the feelings to come up and feel into them. It has been very powerful. 

Thank You!



Ocianna's work is deep, multilevel, honest, and concise.

Ocianna is very present and I really like the way she holds space and interacts with me.  She is very expressive, which I am, so her energy suits me.  Its highly interactive and there is a constant awareness and dialog in the flow of her work.  Its deep and multilevel, honest and concise. 

Jaqui R.


Ocianna has a very earthy grounding energy...

It was helpful to be heard, respected, and validated in a safe place so I could dive deeper into myself. Ocianna has a very earthy grounding energy that I enjoyed very much!

Tiffany M.


How blessed I am to have this beautiful sister for support and guidance...

It was most helpful connect with my inner maiden. Through Ociannas seeing I had a closer connection to this part of me. I didn’t know how paralyzed she is or at least: Now I can understand myself much more. As I mostly have energy moving through my body without pictures it was a perfect supplement to what I sense. The picture got more complex and Ocianna led me through in a deeply loving way asking me patiently or adding what she saw. There was so much space. I learned to be more patient and loving with myself, to trust and feel how blessed  I am that I have this beautiful sister That I can ask for support and guidance.

W. Mary


I Love working in the Healing Arts with Ocianna


Katarina S.