Thank you for visiting, Allow me introduce Myself.

I am  Soul Intuitive, Womb Shaman, Energy Guide Ocianna Michelle.


                Since Birth, my Intuitive Channel has been Open, my Team of Spirit Guides were Intact and a Conscious Awareness of  being part of the first wave of Indigo Children and my Mission in this life time was Understood.  

     I have been doing  Multi Level Spiritual and Energy readings my whole life ( I have distinct memories of doing readings for friends in Kindergarten and I remember learning from my Spirit guides at a young age, as clear as I remember taking my first steps!).

    I am American born and grew up in the US, Germany, London and Australia.   Travel, Experiencing many cultures and sharing Energy with people and the Land have always been  my most favorite things in Life!

      My deep awakening  Spiritual Maturity journey began at 17 years old.  I moved to London and was off on my powerful path of Self Awareness, experiencing the World and learning in depth about my Intuitive Gifts.



 On my Spiritual  Journey  I was gifted to learn from and be Initiated  into many healing modalities by many Masters and Mystics from around the World.

  *Indian Saint Amma brought me the gift of Shakti-put (Third Eye Awakening) and  High Heart Energetic Awakening.

 *Initiated and Apprenticed with  Shaolin Masters in the Ancient Arts of Chinese Energetic Healing and Sacred Blue Print Realignment Therapies. 

* Initiated into the Yogic Lineage of Swami Kripalu.

* Tibetan Healing Energy Initiation by Llama, Tibetan Monk.

*Initiated and Apprenticed with Zimbabwe African Medicine Man working with the Ancestral Spirits of Water and Earth and the Elements of the Universe.

* Native American Medicine Wheel Journeying  with the Clans of The Hawk, Swan, Crow and People of the First Light.

* Received  The Sacred Peruvian Shaman Initiation of MUNAY-KI RITES.

*Trained with David Deida in the Arts of Sexual Yoga.

*  Trained with Womb Shamans from Around the Wold for many years working with Sacred practices from Ancient Feminine Mystery Schools and Tribal Cultures Womb Healing. 

   Each being, teacher, initiation and experience I am Grateful for and has brought me a piece of the Multi- Dimensional Energy Work I offer in my  INTUITIVE READINGS , WOMB SESSIONS, PYRAMID HEALING SESSIONS  & MUNAY-KI RITES INITIATION I offer today. 


    My Life  has also been very Creative and Musical. 

My Magical Journey has brought me to work closely with many individuals on the World Stage of the

 Music , Television and Film. 

     Musically, I have been blessed to be part of the recordings of many well known Music Album and Productions. 

While working for Bill Wyman of  the band "The Rolling Stones" and Isaac Tigrett  creator of  "The Hard Rock Cafe "and "House of Blues" franchises, I experienced Amazing Muse Activations and Adventures of Global Proportions.


While living on Cape Cod, I hosted the Radio Show "Organic Thinking" and the Local Television Show "Organic Thinking Television".  I Loved Educating and being on the forefront of the "Green Movement", experiencing the power of being Conscious with our lifestyles choices and our connection to Health, Wellness and our Earth Bodies. 


                    ENERGY FITNESS

   I Love to Teach and Activate people with  Energy Fitness Sessions and Womb Walking Master Classes.

 I have Taught Multi Dimensional Classes and Workshops Live across the US, Europe, Australia and have been featured at the BBC TELEVISON  STUDIOS and THE QUEEN MOTHER'S SPORT CENTER in London.

                   WOMB WALKING

   My life of  WOMB WALKING and MYSTICAL MOTHERING began with my Journey into Divine Union, Conscious Birth,  Sacred Sexuality  and Womb Shamanism. 

    My babies communicated to me while they were in my Womb. My youngest son came into this world so effortlessly that I birthed him with my own hands!

  I work with and mentor  Women and Womb Shamans from around the World, helping to birth the Sacred Feminine Consciousness, Sacred Sexual Self Knowledge and Sacred Unionways of  living that is rebirthing all over the Planet!

                   LET'S CONNECT

I am so HAPPY that you have found me and I look forward to being part of the next piece of your Spiritual Growth & Awakening !        



Sessions with me are deep, activating, and life affirming.

I am honored to be part of your life's journey. I look forward to working with you!